New Life!

Building Fellowship & Bettering Communities through the Gospel

Our Story

Mission & Meaning

While truth can be elusive, it can still be found. Jesus proclaimed Himself the son of God, but it was through his actions and ultimate sacrifice that proved Him the son of God. That is the path that we strive to follow - a path paved with action.

New Life is committed to befriending followers and non-followers of God, acting in a compassionate manner and being subject to one another. We have learned that honest gestures and beneficence is the most meaningful way to embody the love of God. We welcome you to join us.

Placing extreme value on community and fellowship, New Life! is a  church dedicated to fostering relationships with God and understanding God's word. While we are devout followers, we do believe it is necessary to ask questions and explore the teachings of Jesus and the Bible further. It's as much about asking why as it is about asking how.


Pastor David and Diane Carter

Feeling the Lord’s leading to start a new work, we started the church in March of 1989 and began the church by meeting in Fox Mill Elementary School for about four years.  We then moved into a renovated warehouse in Herndon, Virginia for the next eleven years experiencing many blessings from the Lord.  Through God’s grace we obtained land and built a new church in Sterling, VA and moved into the new facility in 2006.